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Golden Ears Cheesecrafters – Characteristically Smooth

The Davison Family - Golden Ears Cheesecrafters

The Davison Family – Golden Ears Cheesecrafters

Some of us here at SPUD just recently learned that there is a Grand Prix Cheese Awards. Much to our dismay, it in fact does not involve rolling wheels of cheese down the streets of Canada… but it’s definitely a tight race!

Local SPUD supplier Golden Ears Cheesecrafters has previously made it in as a finalist, beating varieties from cheese makers all over Canada, and with good reason! Placing that well in this highly esteemed contest is simply a testament to the care and skill that Golden Ears employs in every hand-crafted batch of cheese they make.

At the helm of this Maple Ridge-based enterprise are two young sisters, Jenna and Emma Davison, who have taken over the family business from their parents, Kerry and Lynn. With this transfer came a continuation of the passion and commitment that their parents held in making supremely flavourful cheese that reflects attention to detail. Fuelled by their desire to keep the family legacy alive, the Davison daughters saw an opportunity to give back to their city through local jobs, but what they found was a unique, fulfilling partnership and a serious love of cheese!

“Making cheese encourages innovation, experimentation and it inspires us to try creating our own recipes and blends. Every cheese is different and unique; we get to start with fluid milk and make it into something different and delicious every day. We craft it all by hand, which makes it both physically demanding and rewarding.”

Credit for their success must undoubtedly be shared with (who else!) the team of Jersey cows on their uncle’s dairy farm next door. These pretty, tan-coloured members of the Golden Ears collective produce milk that is typically richer and higher in fat than ordinary Holstein cows, resulting in Golden Ears’ characteristically smooth, creamy cheeses.

Here in BC, we’re blessed with small-batch, artisanal cheese makers who are dedicated to being involved in the process from start to finish.

As Emma tells us, “We might be biased, but we have the friendliest communities throughout BC. This is a place where people really value what’s grown in their own backyard. They support local and they’re proud to show it off – that’s the most important thing.”

We couldn’t agree more!

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