• Cheese Special

    We shower these cheeses with love on the outside so you'll fall in love with the inside!

    Cheddar Curds

    Come pick up some yummy cheddar curds!

    Jersey Blue

    This is a cheese we make for people who love Blue Cheese. This one in particular will knock your socks off. Initially, you will fall in love with the strong smell and the creamy texture on your tongue. Just when you think you couldn’t possibly love it anymore- that sting in the back of your throat will leave you begging for another bite Pair this cheese with a sweet pastry or a heavy red meat like a tenderloin.


    The “Queen of Cheeses”. This is a delicious choice for an appetizer or dessert. Serve it at room temperature or warmed slightly. Brie is creamy and rich, yet still mild. Its distinct flavor complements almost any fruit, or top with sweet or savory preserves nuts.

    *Is a baby Brie is too small for the number of people coming to your party? Ask us for a large Party Wheel  

    Velvet Blue

    Just what as it sounds, it has a soft velvety rind similar to our Brie. The rich, creamy inside of the Velvet Blue has a strong taste that lingers on the tongue like a blue cheese should. Being a crossbreed between the soft and blue cheeses; it makes the perfect mix for someone who doesn’t care for blue cheeses. Rest assured, after they taste the Velvet Blue; they will care… a lot. Roll this cheese inside chicken breast with prosciutto and asparagus along side a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon


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    Early Valentine’s Dinner Class

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    AFTERNOON TEA (Every Wednesday)

    Every Wednesday 1:30-3:00pm – $24.95

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