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Why are we here?

We have always romanticized the ‘good ‘ol days’ in our minds.

You know the ones… The good ‘ol days! The ones we used to read about in story books and nursery rhymes.  The days when our grandparents used to ‘go together’.  The days when you grew your own garden vegetables and fruits. The days when you milked your cow by hand or made fresh bread in the morning.
Why don’t people want to live like that anymore?  We’ve lost the authenticity in our day to day lives. We bustle about, feeding ourselves with things that came from a box or package with the face of a boy or lady on it that makes us feel like it’s more wholesome than it really is… Why?

Its all about convenience isn’t it?
It’s convenient to go to that big chain grocery store and stuff everything that’s made somewhere else by some machine into a giant cart and hand over a credit card and go home.  The boxes have directions, everything is focused on a 20 minute time frame for preparation… its fast and it’s easy.  But is it better?

There’s something to be said about wholesome foods made by someone you know.  The relationship that blossoms between a butcher or baker or farmer and their loyal customer…  They tell you the secrets of the freshest ingredients coming in, the highest quality cuts or grains… they trust that you’ll keep coming back to their shop because you trust their opinion in their profession and you trust they’re not going to give you something that they wouldn’t feed to their own families.

We want people to generate that relationship with us and our staff.  We train our staff to be experts in finding local products and we carry them in our store. We have created personal relationships with the purveyors of the products in our store because we trust them and we know they’re going to stand behind their products, every time.   We want people to ask us questions about how it’s made, where it’s made, what’s in it, who makes it?

That’s what our business is about; creating a personal connection that can blossom into a trusting relationship between a producer and a customer.